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+ years sales professional with over $1.000.000 in sales!

Thanks to to cold calling and door to door sales, I’ve managed to become the top earner in a life insurance company and was promoted to a sales manager responsible for 30 reps. Currently working as a sales director for a major technology distributor to the hospitality industry.

My top 3 closed sales:

  1. $79,952.60
  2. $53,550.00
  3. $25,748.96

Cold calling scripts are crucial for your sales success because it’ll provide certainty and confidence in your pitch. Let me help you build the perfect airtight cold calling script and you’ll start hitting the sales quotas.

Our Primary offers:

  1. Structure of the cold call
  2. Custom written cold call script
  3. Qualifying Questions
  4. Call to Actions

To maximize your conversion, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to add these optional orders :

  • Standard– Basic + Elevator Pitch, Gatekeeper & VMail script, 3x Objection Rebuttals
  • Premium– Standard + Gatekeeper & VMail scripts, 3x Cold Email Sequence each with 5 emails & 5 Objection Rebuttals + 30min consulting call

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